16 - Flogging

978-1890159276 - $12.95

"[Bean's] basic approach is to describe a scene in a narrative fashion (basically BDSM erotica without the sex), then in the next chapter discuss some of the issues related to what happened in that scene.... Anyone who has a serious interest in flogging should read this book." - Dr. Susan Block     

Possibly the most popular activity in the erotic power exchange lexicon, flogging offers sensations ranging from gentle massage through tearing agony. Thirty-year veteran leatherman/educator Joseph Bean explains how  to choose a flogger, negotiate a scene, read your partner's mental and physical state, select patterns and strokes to create a palette of sensation, and much more. 


Joseph W. Bean is the author of Leathersex: A Guide for the Curious Outsider and the Serious Player and Leathersex Q & A (Daedalus Press). His work and thoughts can also be found in Leatherfolk, edited by Mark Thompson, Different Loving by Brame et al, SM Classics edited by Susan Wright, and Blue Money by Carolyn See, among others. Mr. Bean was born in Humansville, Missouri, in 1947, and has spent the fifty-plus years since everywhere else, but mostly in San Francisco. He lives alone in Hawaii now, collecting laundry and household chores for the slave he will one day have.

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