Toybag Guide to Hot Wax and Temperature Play

toybag guide - hot wax034

978-1890159573 - $9.95

A new concept from Greenery - 4" x 6" quick reference guides you can drop in your toybag for less than $10! Each book contains at least as much information as you could get from a full day's workshop on the topic taught by one of the leaders in the scene - people like Jay Wiseman, Janet Hardy, Midori and John Warren. We'll be bringing out new ones every season. Start your collection now!

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Some like it hot... some like it cool. Here's what you need to explore safe, exciting hot wax and temperature play. Spectrum, a real-life scientist, shares information on types of candles, playing with ice, fact and fiction about hot wax, and "The Vat Out of Hell" and other special wax techniques.


Spectrum is a working scientist, technogeek, leader in his local BDSM community and a well-known Internet personality. He lives in the Southeast.

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