About Greenery Press


Founded in 1992, Greenery Press has built an international reputation for publishing the best in responsible, sexy information about all kinds of consensual non-mainstream sexualities, including BDSM, crossdressing, polyamory, sex work and more.

Our books are written by leading experts in their fields, many of whom have achieved mainstream fame as authors of nonfiction, fiction and erotica. Topics range from general sexuality (The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm and Miss Vera’s Crossgender Fun for All) to very specific sexual skills (A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting, The Human Pony, Spanking for Lovers).

We are known for our realistic, non-exploitive approach to sexualities that others might consider extreme. Our authors include therapists, attorneys and physicians, and any book which describes activities that might be physically, emotionally or legally risky is OKed by professionals before it sees print.

With 40+ books in print, and nearly 100 published over the life of the company, Greenery is almost certain to offer just the information you need to improve, sweeten or embellish your erotic existence!

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